Can I download and upload my entire list customers at once?

You can upload or download multiple customer contacts at once, however we do not recommend contacting a large batch of clients at one time.

How do I get in touch with support when I need it?

The primary source is a link to our Support Desk within the application. Or you can simply email or use the contact form on the website:

Do you have a mobile interface?

ReviewMeToday is built on a fully responsive HTML5 platform making it 100% browser compatible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Can we set up our own templates?

Yes, you can set up email templates and incentive pages specifically built for each business location.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade later?

No problem – ReviewMeToday is a monthly service and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

I have a question that isn’t covered here…

We’ll be happy to deal with any queries you may have. Just go to our Support Desk to get in touch.

Is my business information safe?

Absolutely. We safeguard and protect your data in a number of ways. This is a bit technical but these are a few of the reasons your data is safe with us:

  1. We use SSL for all login screens (for all sub-domains). (Note: SSL is not available when you use a custom domain or a domain other than
  2. Our servers and databases are hosted in a completely secure facility requiring security card and passport ID for access to the facility.
  3. Our servers are completely locked down.
  4. We securely back-up all our databases to a secure off-site facility twice daily.

So yes, your information is completely safe and secure.

How much does ReviewMeToday cost?

ReviewMeToday has a price plan to suit any organization’s needs. Please view for more information and a plan that suits you.

What is ReviewMeToday?

ReviewMeToday is an online application that helps you build a 5 Star Reputation online through active customer feedback.

Who is ReviewMeToday aimed at?

ReviewMeToday is aimed at any company, agency, or franchise who has a single or multiple business locations. The application is perfect for any size of organization, allowing management or an individual to see the overall reputation footprint of their business in one easy to use dashboard.

I’m already working with a marketing company that does my X?

Great. So are many of our customers. Many will use us to boost their reviews, gain customer feedback, and monitor their brand online. We don’t have any ‘competitors’ per se, in the traditional sense because we offer a unique service.

Even if you’re working with another company that handles specific aspects of your marketing, we invite you to give us a trial.

Where are my invoice details taken from?

The invoice details are taken from the companies tab under the People option in the top left. The information is extracted based on what has been entered for the owner company.

There are additional charges outside of my monthly/annual plan on my credit card statement. Why?

We only bill you for the monthly/annual cost of ReviewMeToday. We do not apply any other charges but your bank may add additional fees which is outside of our control.

How do I change the email address that receives my payment receipts?

By default, the person who created your paid subscription will receive the payment receipts as subscription payments are processed.

You can add an alternative email address to receive payment receipts by logging in to your ReviewMeToday account, clicking Settings and choosing Subscription.

How do I change/update my credit card used for billing?

Log in to your ReviewMeToday account and click Settings tab.

Under the payment plan you are currently on, click “Change credit card”.

Are price plans limited to a set number of businesses?

Yes. ReviewMeToday has a price plan to suit any organization’s needs. Please view for more information and a plan that suits you.

Price plans are limited by the number of locations and some features but not by the number of reviewers.

I used to pay with Paypal but want to switch to Credit Card. What do I do?

Please contact and we’ll help you switch from Paypal to another means of payment.

What if I just paid and decide to upgrade to a higher plan?

No problem. Simply click the “Upgrade” button under the new plan and agree to the new price plan.

Your new pricing plan will not deduct payment from your account until the next month’s billing cycle.

Do I pay monthly or annually?

You Decide. Your credit card or Paypal account will be charged automatically every month, or annually.

Again, you can cancel at any time. There are no cancellation or other hidden fees!

When do I pay?

You’ll enter your credit card information upfront to ensure you are a real business and near the end of your 30 day trial, you will receive an email asking you to continue using ReviewMeToday.

At this time, you can cancel with no obligation or hassle.

If you decide to continue using ReviewMeToday, you will be asked to choose the subscription that best fits your business.

Why are you giving us a 30 day risk free trial?

We are confident that you’ll be happy with our system and the results. Feel free to create your account with no obligations. All our monthly plans include a 30 day risk free trial.

I am unsure about something. Can I ask you a question before signing up?

Of course! We are happy to answer any questions. Just use the contact form to send us a message. Also, remember that the first 30 days are risk free – so you really have nothing to lose.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We take our payments through Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, or Paypal.
We have a monthly and annual payment option.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade later?

No problem – ReviewMeToday is a monthly service and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade any time.

Can I change plans?

Yes – at any time you can upgrade or downgrade the plan you are currently subscribed to.

How much does the software cost?

ReviewMeToday has a price plan to suit the needs of any organization. Please view for more information and a plan that suits you.

How do my customers post to my business’ review sites once a review has been created?

Our system will intelligently filter feedback and offer customers with positive feedback the opportunity to post their review on an owner selected review site.

Do you guarantee all reviews submitted will be posted to review sites?

We cannot guarantee reviews will be accepted and posted by review sites. Each has their own terms and conditions that vary with each site.

Is it possible to edit customer reviews once they post on the review sites?

While ReviewMeToday has an automated system that routes customers with negative feedback to a resolution page, you may find that you have existing negative reviews. Review sites do not allow you to edit customer reviews, but you may be allowed to respond with a comment. By responding, new potential customers can see that you are actively working with unhappy customers and may decide to choose you based on your ability to address an issue promptly.

What if I don’t have any bad reviews?

That’s Great! Let’s build your base of positive reviews now to help boost your local rankings while monitoring your business across the internet from one easy to use dashboard.

Can I send a coupon to positive reviewers only?

No, this violates the terms of use on many review sites and since 70% of customers who have a resolution solved promptly will return to the same location, you are missing out on “wooing” a customer back.

How do customer reviews help my business and rankings?

The Search Engines and Review Sites want to provide local searchers with the Best business listing in their area to keep them coming back to their site. To do that they use consumer reviews as the barometer since they can’t visit every single location themselves. So the business with the most positive reviews that are real and relevant usually sees the best results.

What review sites are most important?

That actually depends on your type of business, but Google, Yelp, Kudzu, and Yahoo should not be ignored. These popular review sites are integrated into our system for you.

Can you delete reviews already posted on sites?

No service can offer you that but we offer the next best solution. Our unique reputation management strategy is designed to provide a quick and simple solution that encourages satisfied customers to leave reviews and helps bury, route, and remedy any poor reviews.

Can I upload third party lists for email marketing purposes?

No. We do not allow the upload of third party lists for email marketing purposes due to the strict anti-spamming rules and regulations. Plus many of these customers will not have visited your location and are not likely to leave you positive feedback using this strategy.

Can I upload my own customer list and email them?

Yes, you may upload your customer list in the ReviewMeToday Admin section. Please note we have strict rules regarding the uploading of customer lists due to the anti-spamming rules and regulations.

Can I customize my feedback and incentive emails or pages?

Yes. While we provide professionally written default templates you will have the ability to customize them for your business.

Can I determine who will be notified if a negative feedback result is submitted?

Yes. You will have the option of selecting the person or people you would like immediately notified. This is set up in the ReviewMeToday Administrative area and can be changed any time.

How do my customers create reviews?

Once you a customer submits a feedback survey, our software will send them to a specific webpage based on the feedback rating. Negative feedback will provide a form that will go direct to the owner or dedicated manager while positive feedback directs the customer to a list of predetermined review sites to share their positive experience.

How long should my password be?

All passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one number and special character.